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A condition of entry that is you fully agree to all these terms listed when you register and take part in the competition,

at the time of all registrations that are completed, the "tick box"   before any  payment accepts you agree and have read the terms & conditions.  


Dates and Venues – Changes to the event (Dance Show)

  • All of our dates and venues will be published on our website or and are clear

  • Showcase/Hollywood Bound reserves the right to add or delete competition days or move competition locations, move to online videos submission that are due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control and entries will not be refunded when alternative options are put in place and we can replace the service.

  • In the event of a natural disaster or a venue is no longer able to be used, Showcase/Hollywood Bound reserves the right to transfer the dates of the event or cancel, and alternate arrangements will be offered and assessed by our committee & Peter Oxford.

      DUE TO COVID19:  If in the event our event is required to modify, delay or be cancelled due to COVID19 government restrictions or venue issues, this includes border closures, the above terms and conditions will still go into effect and you agree to this when registering your entries.

  • We will in most cases work to have the event go ahead even if its delayed to a later date this will be the priority.


  • Terms and Conditions

  • Showcase/Hollywood Bound/Hollywood Bound has a 100% cancellation fee if you decide not to attend and withdraw. - -No refund or transfers will be given when you are a no show or withdraw, you agree to this when you register for the event and will not make a claim for a refund under these terms and conditions if the event is still going ahead and you withdraw for whatever reason including medical, Illness, personal reasons, injury or covid 19.

  • Entries will only be accepted online and when paid in full via Dance Comp Genie.

  • Entries will not be taken over the phone. 

  • Entries are taken on a first come first-served basis. Our regional events WILL sell out.

  • Closing dates are only a guide as regionals will sell out well before the closing date.

  • Some events will charge a spectator door entry for group sessions where necessary


  • Registrations are made online and can be paid by credit card or PayPal via DCG

  • Once a registration is received it will be processed and confirmed by our staff then fees are non refundable under a 100% cancellation fee/ no show policy- Including not being able to attend due to COVID19 related circumstances, which also includes contracting COVID19 and you 'can't' attend the event. This forms part of the agreement. 

  • Once paid your entry fees are then absorbed & account towards back-office expenses, admin staff wages, plus the actual event running costs. 

  • If you wish to transfer to another event, this is only possible for $85 per dancer if 1) its not full, 2) its more than 60 days before the event starts transferring to and the schedule has not been released, if the schedule is released you are able to stand by on the day of the event, however, new entry fees apply and also cannot be transferred to a new dancer. You cannot transfer to another event if you are canceling from an event that the schedule has already been announced and released for. 

  • Entries paid via a dance school cannot be transferred or refunded if you change schools and our staff will not get involved.

  •  You agree, we are unable to offer a credit/transfer if you withdraw or simply don’t turn up to the Competition Dance Show.

  • By registering for the competition and ticking the box at check out, you are agreeing that you have read and agreed to the all the rules, terms and conditions relating to payment of fees/registrations and will fully comply and not contest

Please note: 

If the event is going ahead even with a date change due to COVID lockdowns, the above terms are all in effect and binding as a protection to everyone.

We cannot transfer or refund entries to another event if you are not able to attend as all entries registered for your event have been absorbed to the running costs.

All attendees agree when taking part and registering for our Dance Shows (competitions), including but not limited to, Dancers, Singers, Parents/Care Givers, Teachers, Directors, Volunteers and Patrons, indemnify and keep indemnified Showcase & Hollywood Bound and its committee members and operators on both a commercial and personal basis against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, and expenses whatsoever which may be made against Showcase & Hollywood Bound Directors/staff and or its volunteer members in carrying out the duties and requirements in terms of the event and these rules. Not limited to loss of property or personal injury to those who attend the competitions. This is for the protection of everybody to feel confident in being part of Showcase & Hollywood Bound.

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